Flood In Central Park 2


4 thoughts on “Flood In Central Park 2

  1. As I viewed your poetry I was drawn to the word butterfly. I was delighted when I saw the animation. Beautiful and delicate. I read some more and came back to the butterfly. It fills me with a sense of peace and wonder. I will continue to visit your site and read your poetry. Thankyou for sharing your talent.

    1. Thanks very much. I’m glad you had such a good reaction to it. I had forgotten where I put it. If I can find my source photo’s and art work I may make another version of it with a few more intermediate frames to make it smoother. I had a little trouble combining the photos I took in Central park with the drawing I did on top of it. I can’t draw at the detail level of the photos so it’s a little jumpy. But anyway, I’ll save this version in case my “improved” version is not better. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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