The Weeping Willow Sings 2 (edit)

The Weeping Willow Sings 2

Haunting shots
hear my Neda say
my heart stings

I hear singing in the leaves
moving branches
interleaving freedoms
like a green dream sad
autumn reds too early

But rivers of blood

Eyes open
nightmare on Kargar Street,
the world a bitter pixel

I hear my Neda sing:
it burned me

But I can not even mourn
outside Niloofar mosque.
The Ayatollah mocks my song, but
his mysteries don’t intrigue me anymore.

His evil is clear.

My heart sings the only truth, and
it burns me that he hasn’t remembered
his Mother

The Ayatollah is not a woman, not a man
never having any babies
and is ignorant of birth
ignorant of the cry
of freedom

Oh God
save the child

— Douglas Gilbert


The Weeping Willow Sings

The Weeping Willow Sings

Haunting shots
hear my Neda say
my heart stings

I hear singing in the leaves
moving branches
interleaving freedoms
like a green dream sad
autumn reds too early

Eyes open
nightmare on Kargar Street,
the world a bitter pixel

I hear my Neda sing:
it burned me

But I can not even mourn
outside Niloofar mosque.
The Ayatollah mocks my song, but
his mysteries don’t intrigue me anymore
when my heart sings the only truth, and
it burns me that
he has no Mother
never having any babies
and is ignorant of birth
ignorant of the cry
of freedom

Oh God
save the child

On The Streets of Tehran, “Iranian Declaration of Independence”


     Whereas, the present Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in his evil endeavors has a history of repeated injuries and usurpations against the people, the people are absolved from allegiance to this tyrant and to his Guardian Council.
     The people of Iran in consanguinity with Mohammed are the voice of justice protected by Divine Providence.
     When it is shown that a leader is possessed by Demons of unreason and treachery, it is the duty of the people to rebel and declare their rights under Allah.
     In evidence of his evil, we list the crimes of his regime, and declare our independence from his tyranny.
     In every stage of his oppression, we have petitioned, in the most humble terms, but to no avail.
     He has excited domestic insurrections by our militia children, merciless Basiji savages whose only rule of warfare is the destruction of all ages and sexes by any means most terrible.
     He has called together legislative bodies at secret locations for the sole purpose of oppressing the people with ominous and obscure laws that fatigue them into compliance.
     He has dissolved meetings repeatedly for opposing in good conscience his invasions on the human rights of the people.
     He has obstructed the administration of justice by refusing his assent to laws for establishing an independent judiciary.
     He has erected a multitude of offensive agents, and sent hither swarms of officers, to harass our people and seize their property.
     He has affected to render the Revolutionary Guard independent of, and superior to, any elected civil power, or any powers reserved for the people.
     He has sent militias and armed vigilantes into our homes to destroy property and murder our people, but yet the Ayatollah protects the militias and vigilantes from punishment, he, himself, complicit in their vile crimes and murders.
     He is, at this time, transporting large militias, secret police, and other unidentified agents to complete the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun, with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the head of a civilized nation.
      Whereas, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal; that they are endowed by Allah with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
     Whereas, crimes against humanity have been committed in the name of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, his Guardian Council, and compliant clerics, we the people by the authority of Allah, do declare the following:
       Henceforth, any clergy following the dictates, directly or indirectly, of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, whether by complicity with evil elements of the Basiji, Revolutionary Guards, or Army, or by silence, and who shall not follow the path of peace, laying down their arms, in command or in weaponry, shall be subject to exile or execution by the Nascent Sea of Green forming by God’s will, witnessed by the world in Revelation.
     Peace be with you. God is Great.

An Iranian at Rally in Tehran posts on Twitter. Transcript(name removed)

Iranian Blogger “X”An Iranian at the Rally today. Posts on Twitter. Name left off. Copied from Twitter.

back from rally crazy …so many people best day of my life #iranelection #tehran

someone scream daddy daddy behind me i turn around and my daughter is on my brothers back #iranelection #tehran

i hold her long time we all cry .i hit my brother andsay where have you been where have you been basiji burn his flat #iranelection #tehran

he has big cut on face i clean him daughter has huge bruise on her leg from baton #iranelection #tehran

this is greatest day for me and my people #iranelection #tehran

she found me right away..miracle.. i hold her in the street the people go by cry and smile…police cry and smile #iranelection #tehran

my country is alive for the first time in long time… i feel hope for the future we cant stop now we cant hate anymore #iranelection

millions of my people are standingto be free? i cant believe this……how they find me in millions of people? #iranelection #tehran

i am free when my daughter is with me…..we walked for a while but i just wanted to sit and hold her #iranelection #tehran

a policeman help us through all the people he was wearing green…he is very good man #iranelection #tehran

my brother was chased and hit with baton he was trying to cover my daughter but thug basiji hit her leg big bruise #iranelection #tehran

i coudnt find him because he stay with friends because he was afraid of getting shot….they burn his flat today im glad i didnt see it

when she scream daddy daddy i fell down so much shock so much pain so much relief #iranelection #tehran

i was so angry angry..i was thinking i hate ahmadi i want these men to die but when i hear my little girl cry for me…i only love

we will not win our revolution if we hate…that is what they do not us…we love we cant hate…hate is cancer #iranelection #tehran

my daughter says daddy daddy you squeeze me to tight i say im never let go never again i will let you go #iranelection

i step out door these women give me green scarf..right when i step out door! these women want freedom so bad i feel it in air #iranelection

at night i hear allahu akbar in day i hear silent protest….our silent revolution #iranelection

you say i warm your heart you warm my heart usa…and world.

my daughter say who are these people you talk to ? i say they are your brothers and sisters they are fighting for you #iranelection

they say we are criminal we are wrong ot belive in democracy in freedom..i say if you are right why do you burn votes? because you are wrong

that is what our revolution is….do you support ahmadi who is wrong or do you support students who are right #iranelection

right vs wrong… freedom vs death..

if you are religious person we all pray to same god..why cant we be peaceful neighbors..why cant we just love not hate

my little girl smiling on my lap… my country free…my mobile WORKED today…best day #iranelection

nt everyone wear black..a lot of people just stop what they did and came #iranelection

i am singing to my daughter about freedom…about usa about democracy #iranelection

i love new york city pizza…if i get arrested can someone send me ny pizza in prison in tehran? #iranelection

@— freeze the pizza i can use police microwave oven

i am tums student but yes i also work at.. secret wouldnt belive it #iranelection

my daughter is watching spongebob…sponge bob and revolution…

i am going to teach my child to love …if very young all love in the future we will not fight each other

i am telling my friends my family ..students to not be violent at all….#iranelection

we cant do this anymore…iranian people not bad people. we want democracy..we dont want new vote we want new regime #iranelection

my girl friend works for regime…she says we are crazy people..i think we wont be together very long #iranelection

i am pretty happy now but something is missing…something is missing in all iranians..#iranelection

in reality i dont know what i can do if the regime survive…i am dead

i think media will forget us soon

my name is muhamemd i enjoy long walks on beach…nice women and staying alive

you know i make joke i laugh but i am angry… i feel so much anger #iranelection

people keep asking me what is our message?…our message is the message of all people of the world…we want freedom #iranelection

ahmadi being new khomeini…..that is worst thing possible …ever

really have to get my daughter out of tehran now #iranelection

how do you wake a hil that is sleeping on you and tell her se has to leave again


my brother isgay man ..i want to ask ahmadi why does he hate gay people? it is because he is gay #iraneletion

i think our constitution will say …ahmadi is gay…and other things you know

i dont want ot send her away i want her to eat good food and watch cartoons

i feel liek i live in backward world…..#iranelection

this is crazy…the yrecount 600 ballot for what????

making a chid leave not knowing where she is…how well she will be she safe…this is hardest thing for a parent

the little girl waves good bye to her father as her body guard covers her head and they slip into the darkness of tehran

i have to write a speech this is all i have now…

brothers and sisters i am sorry to say our country has a terrible sickness…this sickness is not of the body that we can heal with medicine

this is a sickness of the mind…that is all i have

i really hate public would be bad thing if i was to be shot the first time #iranelection

you have to understand something about my country..we do not get beaten.shot and be quiet..we come back and fight #iranelection

there is no way to say im innocent point… i have hung myself many times over now #iranelection

ahmed is my body guard he has small gun..they have tank…this is funny #iranelection

why do you care about me? i do not stand for me i stand for the students of tehran that can not speak #iranelection

these students.. these friends ..stood and say we will not go.his is not right..down with the dictator. they got shot for this

when we look to other country we see freedom..we see happy life…that is what we want #iranelection

boy came to me he said my finger is broken i looked at it and said it doesnt look broken what happen he said man in mask ht me with baton

i say police? he said i dont know….this is very strange thing…he is interested in computer

i realy love our footballers now….everyone is talking about how proud we are #iranelection

when you see besiji do not ask them why they hit you or little girl or beat old women..ask them to walk with you and talk #iranelection

peace is our weapon..we will kil lthem with peace #iranelection

i dont say was it you who beat my daughter.. i say was it you i saw in mosque yesterday?

this is old saying phrase in usa it goes ‘what the hell’….i think that now #iranelection

i miss mir …i wonder about him….i miss my daugter to

you know whats funny ahmadi cant bus people to rally because they run out of petrol #iranelection

they run out fo petrol here…in tehran…that is really funny!

i use the twitter for rally …we use you people to send information to each other

—By Iranian at Rally.(name left off)

Poem About Iran by Douglas Gilbert,”Telling The News”

Telling The News

If I see Ali’s wife
I might hide my wet face
tell her later the news about
Basiji on motorcycles
those worse than
Janjaweed on Camels,
diligent spit with clubs and guns

If I see her
I must not scream
above her wailing,
must calmly tell her
tell her, tell her

If I see her, if

If I could only tell her
the demonstration succeeded
turned back the Basiji
at Tehrananmen Square
I could whimper condolences
be calm for her

but my brother Ali is dead
and the gush of blood on my clothes
makes me wail
in her presence

Cry streaming like me
and in sickness
she vomits this morning
when everyone is crushed

And I wonder in shame
who can be born without tears
—Douglas Gilbert

Books by Douglas Gilbert

First Born To Evil in Iran

First Born To Evil In Iran

Bands of Basiji
vigilantes on motorcycles
like Janjaweed on camels
kill at their convenience
like Chinese at Tiananmen
when the Media grows bored

These Revolution Classes know best —
the Fatherland
the Motherland — but neither
secular nor religious fanatic
is a Big Brother
anything but evil.
Demons always have charisma.
—Douglas Gilbert

Books by Douglas Gilbert