Swatting Evil Flies In Pakistan

Swatting Grand Flies in Pakistan

We used to be
the Switzerland of Pakistan
many orchards
much fruit

We thought
like fruit flies
insurgents could be thwarted
could be swatted

An Obama for peace
seemed hopeful,
one making pieces of harm
come together in compromise

Oh God,
all the world’s a Joe Biden stage
where Swat, my homeland
is the size of Delaware

Stand up for Swat
the Switzerland of Pakistan

The Taliban
have kidnapped
my Father, and

from New York
I work to earn
a ransom with
the flowers of my Swati meadows
in my mind

Oh Pakistan,
for every truce I die,
while Richard C. Holbrooke
fiddles with Sharia at the door.
— Snerd Lee Limbaugh


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