Circulating Images

Circulating Images

Not stomaching the day,
tuna fish can empty.

The canvases
were spoiled by ugly reds, and
gloom was fed
the last crust of bread.

Doomed he brushed another,
painting a fish for trade.

He gave his
masterpieces to her
a supermarket manager
who risked it to a gallery, and
gave to him a fish.

She’s auctioned it,
sold it for ten thousand.

Hanging is the painting:
fashionable wall,
upper crust ball. The
picture’s picture is in the paper,
a public promotion growing

He’s moved:
a studio in the woods

The canvases were spoiled again,
a crust of bread so moldy.

Doomed he brushed another,
painting a lamb for trade

For lamb chops
he gave his
masterpiece to her
a farmer’s wife who
sold it to the banker.

The auction went well,
a sale for a million.

It was hung on a wall
for a mansion’s hall
with guards and velvet rope.

As good as gold
a “Fish” and a “Lamb”
were made
a collection piece.

He’s moved
to a hovel
painted an abstract.

To paint the rosy picture well
the syndicate’s issued paper for
the Greatest Artists’ Corporation.

To market
to market, the
art stock and bond

Home again
home again
he’s eating a frog.

He’s moved to the mountains
to look at the stars

The stock market has crashed
and so has he.
— Snerd Lee Limbaugh


Snerd Lee Limbaugh Poetry Rush In Capistrano’s

Children of The Congress And Rush Limbaugh in Capistrano’s

Partisans of the Congress,
the people have no bread.
“Let them eat infrastructure.”

Businessmen don’t eat in
my Capistrano’s anymore. My
restaurant might close,
my waiters are laid off. The
swallows have come back, but
the fat cats have not.

Partisans of the Congress,
business has no capital gains.
“We’ll aim their taxes high —
a trillion or so.”

My chef is willing
to build a
trillion dollar road, but
he wonders if
his carving knives
can dig a dry hole

Partisans of Congress,
the people have no jobs
except for Limbaugh, the
last man standing.
“Don’t listen to him
a partisan.”

But Rush has come to Capistrano’s
laid a plan on my table. He’s got
a hope and a dream for change:
Let 540 billion bridges blossom,
460 tax cuts for Gotham —
his movie is hiring actors.
I’m taking lessons.
— Snerd Lee Limbaugh