Abt 6 Zawmb’yee Continues (ENTRY 80)


    I didn’t know how to couch my feelings. What had happened? Was I forgetting things — having blackouts? No, probably, I thought, just fatigue and exhaustion.
    For a while I wondered if I had actually gone to the Moose Café, but the phone rang.
    I felt panic, but reached for the phone on the end table, picked it up in trepidation. It was Chloë. She said, “Good job. Angela is pleased with our work, and we got the bank transfer, paid in full.”
    “Finally. And I went out there for nothing.”
    “No. Answering a client’s questions and concerns is always a good idea, and it helps our reputation for satisfaction … ”
    “Yeah, but I spent a lot of time — more than the project is worth.”
    “Hey. Just think of it as a down payment on a future project from a referral.”
    “I guess so. But … ”
    “Stop fretting. You did a great job and Angela said you were sick, so just relax for a few days and …”
    “You’ll never believe what … ”
    “Shush. Lie down, drink some warm milk or whatever … I’ve got another call. Gotta go. Bye.”
    I think Chloë has been a little too efficient sometimes. Words couched in concern, but cynical in execution.
    Maybe all this was language overload — trying to learn Utd’mbts and idiomatic English. I vowed to call the couch a sofa. But in any case, it was no place to rest.
    I went to Doug’s bedroom, and turned on the light to see that he looked dead in bed. I jumped on the bed. Doug opened his eyes and smiled. He said, “I was dreaming of you and here you are, gorgeous one. Can a council member give me a kiss?”
    “Yes.” I gave him a quick kiss.
    “What’s wrong?”
    “Um nothing. I finished the Moose Café project.”
    “That’s great. Finally. It was giving you a real headache. How is Angela?”
    “Oh she’s OK, but we didn’t talk much because … never mind. I need a vacation. Maybe I’ll just do my art work and take more acting lessons and … ”
    “Hey yeah: ‘You’re a class act’. I just learned that. Do you know that expression? ”
    “Thanks, yeah. I’m tired of language studies — I think I’ll just grunt … ”
    “And what a lovely grunt you have Grand… Oops sorry, I almost said ‘Grandma’. ”
    “You know, the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story, except that I got the wrong character. You’re nothing like a wolf and … Oh sorry, I’m just rambling … ”
    “Uh well, before I forget, we have to discuss Ziohat. He’s … ”
    “What are you staring at?”
    “You’re so beautiful, so … ”
    “Not now … ”


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