Waiting For My Chariot

The helicopter circles over
the apartments across
the street

The thub thimps
of the helicopters —
vigilance a comfort
implications a worry

Only five dead this year
in a shoot out
up the street
from me, y’know
just gangs
near the train station
but I’m five
blocks from there

The helicopters
circle my building sometimes

Heard there was a shooting
in a building
across the street from me

Heard crime is down

A woman in my building
was mugged in the elevator, and
she’s not dead

The helicopter circles

I am a thimble full
of torn unstitched patches
hovering over hope
thud down
under blankets
away from the window
notorious for bullets
I’ve heard
at least up the street
a few blocks
last week

Only five shot
in the afternoon
innocent bystanders, but
they’ve got helicopters

With the window closed
the rain comforts me

I don’t belong

The gangs
are up the street

If a bullet comes
through the window,
I will laugh
stand at the sink
with a knife
wait for
the helicopters
or a gang of angels
to find me nearly dead
hovering on hope
up the block
from the forest of my only dream
—- Douglas Gilbert
(Henry Le Châtelier)


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