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I’ve taken back the blog from Zawmb’yee. She’s in trouble so she surrendered it to me for now. Well, now that I can write poetry again, I don’t feel like it. When she said it was forbidden, I wanted to write poetry. We’ll see.
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Extraterrestrial Paintcoin Special Edition
That’s a E.T. currency object that’s been secretly engraved and smuggled out to an intermediary at Lulu publishing. It’s much cheaper than the one smuggled out to Amazon. But it probably won’t last long.

    It was made since some visitors from Outer Space are finding it difficult to engage in commerce especially among their own compatriots living on Earth because they are not comfortable using Earth currencies such as the Dollar, or the Euro. And their fellow travelers could easily hack into the bitcoin system if they wanted to. Therefore, they are choosing a rare Earth object as a medium of exchange. A small number of these objects are being released and the value will be determined based on the level of speculation as regulated by the League. It will be legal tender on the home planet for the settlement of all debts accumulated while visiting Earth. In the rare event that Earthlings acquire one of these objects they will be allowed to redeem them on any Extraterrestrial planet belonging to the League at a rate to be determined by the local jurisdiction. An Earth artisan has been chosen to create such object. It is a combination of primitive Earth graphics and poetry disguised to avoid suspicion when traded. It’s probably going to disappear soon. I’m the “Earth artisan”, but I’m only supposed to give it to authorized E.T. anthropology students trapped on Earth.

    But there’s a conventional poetry book below which will be more permanent. However, it’s not used as a currency.



POETRY e-book

The Murder of Asperger’s Last Poet: The Poetry Legacy

Available on Amazon, ISBN: 978-1-312-94214-1

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— Douglas Gilbert