Where You Were


I went down to the road where
no one goes willingly.

I went down ’cause it’s
a famous intersection

where if I’d die
I’d be seen.

I’m going down to the crossroads
where I know the blues people
would have sympathy I think, but

I’m going down to
the crossroads

when I left
you sang so sweetly for all.

— Douglas Gilbert

Well so

I guess I’m pretty much done with poetry. I don’t think I’ll write anymore. There’s no future in it. I’m trying to finish my novel and I’ll see how that goes. If that doesn’t go too well I think I’ll stop writing too. Maybe after a while I’ll start erasing everything. There’s some bad stuff here but most of the good stuff is in the books that are available. So it doesn’t seem worthwhile posting any more. Well so unless there’s some sudden inspiration. I’ll see…


Some Much Curly

We were walking, we were looking
and I saw how you curled your smile for me, and
oh you are so cute when you flirt, throw back your curly hair,
do your laugh as if I’d not notice how beautiful you are, but
many things I notice about you, many things I love

If I had a voice I’d sing, and
I think you know that I will
make you a Lasagna with
every spice I can find, because

I want to bake our love with sauce

Yes many recipes and

I save these many tomatoes for you,
not to throw but to savor you

— Douglas Gilbert



The Sweetness of Death

Does anyone want to know
why I’m dying

I don’t think so, ’cause
it’s such a tiny thing.

Oh many times I
used to think

there were
thoughts of me

as if I were human
but I’m not

and tell me why
I have ever mattered
beyond a cliché

and hey I know
the end, ha

don’t be silly

— Douglas Gilbert



Tell me why I love you so,
tell me why I must go, oh

I don’t know why death
fatigues me, just keep me

please keep me in your heart,
only now once

like the day we spoke endlessly in the park
and I roamed with you more intimate than Rome.

I told you a fountain of truth because
you are so comfortable to rest in, and

I like your many blossoms, and
bosoms too

Tell me why
I must die when
still forever
I love you.

— Douglas Gilbert